Curic DIO 2

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Curic DIO (Draw in Object) - Powerful Drawing Tools

A powerful tool that always keeps objects in solid, draws through multiple levels between objects, and offers exciting features that you have never experienced before, bringing joy and excitement to modeling in SketchUp.

Combined with Curic OI

Curic OI

you will no longer want to use the native SketchUp drawing tools!

Version: 1.2.0:

  • PickZone Tool
  • Support mac M1
  • Fixed bugs

Version 1.3.0: Support SketchUp 2024

OS Compatibility: Windows, macOS (Intel & Apple chips)

SketchUp Version: SketchUp 17, SketchUp 18, SketchUp 19, SketchUp 20, SketchUp 2021, SketchUp 2022, SketchUp 2023, SketchUp 2024

For users in Vietname - Dành cho các bạn thanh toán nội địa ở Việt Nam

Thanh toán nội đại Việt Nam

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You will receive a license key with the link to download the installation of the plugin after payment. An email containing that information will also be sent to you. Thanks

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Curic DIO 2

16 ratings
I want this!