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Curic Pie Menu

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Curic Pie Menu

32 ratings

Pie Menu for SketchUp!

Curic Pie Menu extension allows you to create pie menus:

History Commands


  • Create multiple Pie Menu

  • Show menu at the cursor

  • Support all Plugins and Native commands

  • More native commands: View Controls, Shadow...

  • Docks

  • Trays

  • History Commands

  • New shortcut for command on the menu: use 1-9 keys

Version: 1.0.9

Version: 1.1.0:

  • History Commands (Require Recall Command v1.1)

Set a Shortcut to call History Commands (Pie Menu/History)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented tools from entering numbers when selecting from Pie

  • Fixed a bug with the Refresh icon

  • Fixed a bug in the import menu

Version: 1.1.1:

  • Add option to Skip V-Ray commands

OS Compatibility: Windows, macOS

SketchUp Version: SketchUp 2020, SketchUp 2021

Warning: the tool currently has a VRay related issue that makes VRay disabled, please consider carefully before you buy it. If purchased and encountered this issue please contact us to request a full refund. Or wait for an upcoming bug fix update.

On macOS: SketchUp requires permission to use some of the mouse functions. Following steps to allow access manually:

  • 1. Launch System Preferences.

  • 2. Click on Security & Privacy.

  • 3. Click the Privacy tab.

  • 4. In the left panel, click on Accessibility and check the boxes under SketchUp to provide access (as shown below). If you are unable to interact with the checkboxes, please click the lock icon on the bottom left corner and then check the boxes.

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